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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead YES. More Adrian and Sydney! The Bloodlines saga continues in The Indigo Spell, the third book in Richelle Mead's bloodlines series. The Indigo Spell picks up right after The Golden Lily's ending (thank goodness, too, since it was a bit of a cliffhanger). Sydney, in all her stubborn ways, is as determined as ever to avoid any romantic entanglements with Adrian and her innate magical abilities. Unfortunately, ignoring magic becomes impossible once she finds out that a powerful witch is in the area - one who sucks the youth and power from those with magical abilities - and must learn to use magic to protect herself. It's no big secret that I am a huge fan of this series and The Indigo Spell does not disappoint. There's more intrigue and Sydney starts to find out more about the possible connection between the fanatical Warriors of Light and the Alchemists. This is very much Sydney's book. In the last two books she was still trying to figure out who she is and what she believes in. In The Indigo Spell, her beliefs are put to the test and she makes choices that have real consequences. She shows a lot of guts in this book and takes some big risks. There is also plenty of making out in this book (awesome) and Sydney finally acknowledges her feelings for Adrian (as if she could resist).Adrian is as charming as ever. He's also especially sweet in this book and I love his method of "loving from afar." Adrian and Sydney are such a great team and complement each other so well. I think Sydney said it best when she said that Adrian was "perfectly imperfect." I think both of them are perfectly imperfect - for each other. We also finally find out who Marcus Finch is and delve deeper into secrets of the Alchemists and Mead is the master of leaving you wanting more. It's good to see the rest of the gang again, too, though they take a backseat in this story. The only character I still don't understand is Angeline. Seriously - what is the point of her? All she does is cause trouble and is belligerent while doing it. I trust that Mead has a greater plan for her but, right now, I can't figure out what it could possibly be. If you're a fan of the Bloodlines series then you'll definitely enjoy The Indigo Spell. More mystery, more action, higher stakes and a great romance. I hope I don't go into Adrian withdrawal while I wait for The Fiery Heart to be released.