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Knit Your Socks on Straight: A New and Inventive Technique with Just Two Needles; 20 Original Designs - Alice Curtis Though I am not a prolific sock knitter (I tend to lose steam after the first sock), I do enjoy making them and am always trying to encourage people to take the plunge and knit them, too. One of the most common excuses I hear for not knitting socks is that people don't know how to use double points or that using them for socks seems too difficult. Of course I have heard of knitting socks on straight needles but they never seemed like anything I would want to wear. Socks are meant to be well fitting and comfortable and I did not think that a seamed sock could be either of those things. However, when I saw the title of this book along with the very cute pair of socks on the cover, I was intrigued and requested this book for review to see for myself what this innovative technique was.The first part of the book explains the anatomy of a sock and the basic construction using two straight needles or a circular used a a straight needle. It also goes through the technique for seaming the sock with a crochet chain, which produces a straight, smooth seam. The author also goes into some detail about toe and heel types. There is a basic sock to start with, that will help familiarize you with the technique. From there you can choose from a wide variety of sock styles to knit. From intricate lace and cables, ribbed patterns, and even some colorwork, there's really something for everyone.The patterns are laid out neatly and are easy to read. The instructions are clear and I had no problem understanding them. I also love that there were a lot of really gorgeous pictures of the socks, including close ups of pattern stitches. So many modern knitting books are more concerned with having pretty girls in dresses with out of focus knits, so it's really nice to see really good, attractive pictures that still focus on the knitting. My favorite socks were the Maple Seed Whirlies, which had a pretty cable pattern. I also really liked the Blue Tranquility socks, which have an allover knit/purl pattern that give the socks a very squishy, soft look. My least favorite pair of socks were the Moccasoks which have some unfortunate fringe. Many of the patterns are also unisex and would be great for both men and women.I was initially a little skeptical about this book, believing that socks knit on straight needles would not be as attractive as those knit the traditional way on double points. However, this book has proven me wrong. I don't know if I want to put away my trusty double points but, if I wanted to knit socks on straight needles, I would definitely use this book and the techniques in it, to do it. Knit Your Socks On Straight would be great for a new sock knitter who is not ready to take the step to double points just yet or even for a more advanced knitter who wants to try a new technique.