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Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas Another winner from Lisa Kleypas! I am always a little excited when I find a new to me Kleypas book hidden away at the library. I love her characters and the way she develops them so that they have so much depth and personality.Jack and Amanda are two fantastic and unique characters. I loved that Amanda is so logical and sensible but that it led her to be totally unconventional and forward thinking. Jack is a wonderful hero - a scoundrel with a heart. I love that Jack was attracted to Amanda not only on a physical level but also intellectually. He admires her writing and encourages her to be herself and speak her mind. If like like alpha males, then you will love Jack!Though their relationship starts off with an incredibly hot encounter, I liked the fact that they don't immediately jump into an affair. Jack and Amanda spend a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. The dialogue between the two is smart, funny, and filled with sexual tension. This is also one of the hottest Lisa Kleypas books I have ever read, with some really creative love scenes.I closed this book a little giddy and a bit teary eyed. Lisa Kleypas is a master at crafting a believable romance and I really fell in love with Jack and Amanda.