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Ugly Fish - Kara LaReau, Scott Magoon I picked up Ugly Fish at my local library last week based purely on the cover. Ugly Fish stared at my defiantly as if daring me to read him. Not one to be cowed by a mere illustration, I took the book home with me. Ugly Fish lives in a very nice fish tank all by himself. He has a driftwood tunnel and is fed special fish flakes. Life is great until, one day, a new fish arrives. The new fish wants to be friends with Ugly Fish but Ugly Fish doesn't want to share his tank with anyone. So what does Ugly Fish do? He eats the new fish! This happens several more times, with new fish arriving and promptly being eaten. Now Ugly Fish is truly alone in his fish tank. After awhile though, Ugly Fish begins to feel quite lonely and wishes for a friend. He gets his wish when a new, bigger fish comes to live in the tank. Unfortunately for Ugly Fish, Shiny Fish doesn't like to share and Ugly Fish soon ends up in his belly.This is a really great story with a subtle lesson. The message here is to treat others how you want to be treated and also that it's not cool to be a bully. Ugly Fish finds himself friendless and alone after his bad behavior. When he finally realizes the error of his ways, it's too late, and he has to suffer the consequences. I picked this book up because of the illustrations and they did not disappoint. Animated and colorful, they really brought the story to life. I think children will like it because the story is funny and the ending is unexpected. I'd definitely recommend this for children and adults who have a darker sense of humor. A very fun, clever read!