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Again The Magic - Lisa Kleypas I had no idea that this book even existed until about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Under The Covers Book Blog, one of my favorite review blogs, had a post about the unsung heroes of romance. In this list was McKenna from Again the Magic, the prequel novel to Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series. How on earth did I miss a Wallflower book? I immediately downloaded a copy to my Kindle (and this is where I praise the advent of ebooks because I had this book in my hands in no time flat). I started it immediately and read it in almost one sitting. Yes, it was that good. Again the Magic is the story of Aline Marsden, the sister of Marcus Westcliff, and John McKenna. Westcliff's sister Livia and her beau Gideon Shaw also play a role in the book but Aline and McKenna are the main focus so let's talk about them first.Aline and McKenna are childhood friends whose friendship grows into love over the years. Unfortunately McKenna is a servant of the household and any romance between the two is strictly forbidden. But young love cannot be stopped and McKenna and Aline continue to see each other secretly. One day they are found out and Aline must send McKenna away with a lie. Twelve years pass and McKenna comes back to Stony Cross a rich man, having made his fortune in America. He hasn't forgotten Aline and vows revenge by seduction. What he doesn't know is that Aline still loves him. However, she has her own secrets that threaten to keep them apart. I loved this book so much! If any two people belong together, it's Aline and McKenna. Even after twelve years apart, the chemistry between the two is undeniable. And it's not just the physical stuff. I was surprised by how emotional I got while reading their story. My heart broke for Aline when she had to send McKenna away and again when she finally told him the truth about what happened all those years ago. She was the most frustratingly stubborn woman at times, pushing McKenna away for all the wrong reasons. I loved McKenna, even though he comes back to Aline a cold, cruel man intent on revenge. I loved his strength and determination and the tenderness that he showed Aline. They are a great match and I gave a sigh of relief when they finally found their HEA. Livia and Gideon also have a sweet side story in this. I liked them both and enjoyed learning their back story. While I liked Livia and Gideon's romance, I have to say that McKenna and Aline were the real stars of this story for me.. Again the Magic is an intense and passionate love story that made me believe in true love and soul mates. It is a wonderful addition to the Wallflowers series and can be read as a standalone or in chronological order. The Wallflowers is truly one of my favorite romance series and I highly recommend it.