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Storm Front - Jim Butcher *i liked but didn't love this book the first time around. after hearing really good things about the audiobook i thought i would give it another go. i must say that i am really enjoying it this time around and james marsters has a lovely reading voice. harry dresden....nice... :)**edited from 3 stars to 4 after re-reading on audiobook.Review for audiobook:I first read Storm Front a couple of years ago after hearing some really great things about it. I remember liking it and thinking that I would probably read the rest of the series someday, but I was in no hurry to do it. Fast forward a couple of years and I still hadn’t gotten around to any of the sequels. But it still drew my eye whenever I was in the bookstore and I finally decided to give the series another try. This time, I decided to go back and re-read Storm Front as an audiobook. So many people told me that the series was truly awesome in audio. After hearing that James Marsters (Spike in Buffy) was the reader, I was sold. Harry Dresden is a down on his luck wizard who’s just trying to make a living, but he can’t seem to catch a break. After a couple is find with their hearts blown out Harry finds himself in the midst of some very dark magic. Unfortunately he’s the only professional wizard in town and suddenly becomes the number one suspect. Harry is socially awkward, dry, shrewd, and a little bitter, but he’s also extremely likable. He just wants to get the job done and not get killed in the process. He’s also clever and has an innate sense of honor and justice. I think part of Harry’s appeal is that he’s an underdog, and I love a good underdog. And James Marsters is a wonderful narrator for the series. With his unhurried voice with just a hint of sarcasm, he perfectly embodies what I think Harry Dresden would sound like. The mystery wasn't the most original but I still had fun watching Harry put the clues together.Storm Front also has a great cast of secondary characters. Bob the snarky spirit stuck in a skull cracked me up and I really like Murphy, Harry’s long suffering friend and police lieutenant. I know this is only the first book but I am really hoping that something romantic happens between Harry and Murphy down the road. Don’t tell me if it happens, though! I want to be surprised. All in all, I thought this was a solid intro the the series and a thoroughly fun read. I enjoyed getting to know quirky cast of characters and I am definitely going to read (or listen) to the next book in the series.