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The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5) - Courtney Milan Oh, Courtney Milan. I really hope you never stop writing because I pretty much love everything you put out. Milan’s recently released The Governess Affair is a short novella that kicks off the start of a new series coming out this summer. While short in length, The Governess Affair manages to have the emotional depth and punch of a full length novel. The story starts off by introducing us to Serena Barton, said governess of the title, who comes to town demanding recompense from the Duke of Clermont for as yet unknown damages. The Duke, a selfish and cowardly man, instructs his right hand man Hugo Marshall to get rid of her. Nicknamed the Wolf of Clermont, Hugo is a brilliant and ruthless man who always gets what he wants. What he doesn’t bargain for is being attracted to the stubborn governess. The Duke’s questionable and less than honorable actions make his job even harder as his admiration for Serena grows.As usual, I fell in love with the characters that Milan created. Hugo, despite his ruthless reputation, has more honor than he realizes. I loved the small, kind things he did for Serena like bringing her tea in the rain. And Serena, finding herself in an extremely difficult position, doesn’t give up or run away. Instead, she is determined and fearless in her quest to secure her future. The pair have fantastic chemistry and I had fun watching them trade playful barbs while fighting their growing attraction to each other. There’s one major love scene in the book that is sensual and sweet and will have you looking at hairpins in a totally new way. I also really enjoyed the clever notes that Serena and Hugo traded throughout the book. Milan isn’t one for easy answers or happy endings not earned and there is always a bittersweet quality to her stories. But it just makes it better when the characters do finally find their way because it truly feels like they belong together. Milan injected just enough angst into Serena and Hugo’s story to have me worried for a bit. But happily, it doesn’t last too long and the ending left me sighing and happy. While some novellas often feel incomplete, the pacing and development in The Governess Affair are anything but. While I do wish it was longer (just to have more of Hugo and Serena) it is a satisfying and complete story on its own. The last part of the book sets up background for the rest of the Sinister Brothers series and only made me want to know more. Another great read by Courtney Milan, one that you will not want to miss. I can’t wait for summer to come and the next book in the series, The Duchess War, to come out. The novella is currently only $0.99 in ebook format so you really have nothing to lose. Go ahead, get it, and thank me later. :)