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Moonglow - Kristen Callihan I am a huge fan of Kristen Callihan's Firelight and was a little worried that the second book in the series would not live up to my expectations. Happily, Moonlight is just as good as Firelight, if not slightly better. Moonglow has the same dark, moody atmosphere and the same great mix of historical and paranormal that I fell in love with in Firelight. While I love the world of Darkest London, it was Daisy and Ian who stole my heart in this story. The last time we saw Ian Ranulf, he was doing his best to keep Archer and Miranda apart. His path crosses with Daisy’s when he saves her from a vicious Lycan attack. And wow – the chemistry between the two of them is immediate and intense. There’s nothing I love more than a relationship that starts off with antagonism and it’s fun to watch Daisy and Ian trade verbal barbs while fighting their attraction to each other. Daisy is a very strong and vivacious character. I liked that she was very different than Miranda, more outspoken and earthy, but was also vulnerable. Daisy had a deep core of loneliness that I think Ian understood. And Ian. Oh Ian. If you like tortured heroes then you will love Ian. My heart broke for him and the tragic past that still haunts him. He, too, knows what it is like to feel alone in the world. Both of them are damaged and imperfect but they open their hearts to each other and learn to love and trust again. With Moonglow, Callihan continues to expand upon the Darkest London world, taking us deeper into the mysteries and secrets it holds. I enjoyed learning more about the Lycan clans and the appearances of the GIMs is a new and exciting twist. Callihan continues to impress with her world building and knack for writing passionate, compelling relationships. The only thing I am sad about now is that book 3, Winterblaze, doesn’t come out until next year. I have a feeling that Poppy and Win’s story is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait!*I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.