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Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead This might sound weird, but I put off reading this book for a really long time. Why? Because I didn't want to see the series end! After 5 books, Georgina and her friends felt like my friends. Reading the last book meant that the series would be over and that I would have to say goodbye to them. But all good things must come to an end, and I really wanted to find out what happened to Georgina, so I finally broke down and read it.The book opens with Georgina working in a mall as a Santa's elf of all things. Whenever I think of mall Santas I think of David Sedaris's "Santaland Diaries" and I can't help but laugh. Georgina is back together with Seth, yay! I've always been a fan of Seth and Georgina, imperfect as the relationship is. Seth is dealing with a family illness when Georgina gets a sudden transfer to Las Vegas. The timing and method of the transfer are suspicious though. Georgina starts to do a little investigating and discovers things are not as simple as they appear.Georgina's friends are back from more crazy antics. Jermone has them participating in a bowling league which, apparently, holds a lot of prestige in the demon world. While not really necessary to the plot, it was pretty funny watching them bowl with their matching t-shirts. There are no big surprises in this one. If you've read the series, you probably have your suspicions about how the story is going to go. Was the ending predictable? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Like I said, I have come to really love these characters and it's sad for me to see them go. I think fans of Georgina and Co. will find this to be a fitting and satisfying end to the series. At a signing recently, Mead said that she has considered writing some short stories from Jerome or Carter's point of view. I really hope that happens one day. Until then, I will just have to satisfy myself by reading the series over again. :)