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Cry Wolf - Angela Campbell Cry Wolf is fun and sweet romantic mystery with a paranormal-ish twist. Andrea “Andi” Lockhart is a reporter for a famous tabloid magazine who is sent to the small town of Woodbine, SC to investigate the local werewolf sightings. Unfortunately she finds that her old competitor and the man who beat her out for editor of the college newspaper is now living in Woodbine and runs the town paper. As a young man Sean Hunter felt that Andi was too soft and said some cruel things to her for what he thought was “her own good.” Now Sean’s the last person Andi wants to see or work with but she has to if she’s to crack the story and find out the truth about the Woodbine Werewolf. I was pleasantly surprised by Cry Wolf. I am a huge fan of paranormal books. Give me a vampire or demon and I’ll read it. It was a nice change of pace to read a book that had was about werewolves but wasn’t necessarily a paranormal story. The plot was well written and well paced and I was totally sucked into the mystery. I wanted to find out if the werewolf was real just as much as Andi did. I loved the romance in this story. Andi’s got a big chip on her shoulder from what happened with Sean in college. I don’t really blame her at first. Sean’s words were cruel and, to the insecure young woman that Andi was, I can see how much it would have hurt. Even though it’s been years and Andi is a successful journalist now, she still feels like she has something to prove to Sean and perhaps to herself. Sean, on the other hand, isn’t the big time editor he set out to be. Seeing Andi makes him realize that a jerk he was in college. The years have changed Sean and he’s no longer the selfish, ambitious man he used to be. Actions speak louder than words and Sean does everything he can to help Andi and keep her from becoming werewolf bait during the investigation. As rivals, Sean and Andi have that great antagonistic chemistry that I love to read. While Sean and Andi have great chemistry, the loves scenes themselves are pretty mild. Don’t get me wrong, they did get hot and heavy a few times but, just as things were really heating up...it would fast forward to the next morning. Personally I prefer a little more smut in my romance books but those who like their hanky panky on the lighter side will enjoy this. I had a great time reading this. The small town setting was perfect for the mysterious werewolf sightings. It was fun following Andi and Sean on their investigation and meeting all of the quirky townspeople. And the story definitely keeps you guessing right up to the very end. A fun debut novel from Angela Campbell. I am excited to see what she comes up with next.*An e-ARC of this book was provided free of charge by NetGalley.com. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.