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Get a Clue - Jill Shalvis A fun little read by Jill Shalvis, one of my fave contemp authors. A snowed in cabin, a jilted bride, one sexy naked cop, a house full of suspicious servants, and one dead body all add up to a very entertaining read.A play on Clue, the story opens with Breanne making her way to her honeymoon cabin, without the groom. Stood up at the altar, she figures she can at least enjoy the paid for vacation. But instead of a cozy retreat, she finds herself snowed in with no power with Cooper, a very attractive ex-cop, and a hodge podge group of servants. When Breanne finds a dead body in the cellar, the inhabitants of the house have to figure out who the killer is before one of them is then next victim.This would be a great beach read - fun, fast and not too serious. It's not my favorite Jill Shalvis book. The murder mystery was not as exciting or scary as I had hoped. It was actually kind of slow and I wish it had been more suspenseful. The best part of the book, for me, was the chemistry between Cooper and Breanne. They had some serious heat going on and I loved the smexy times. The book also had plenty of Shalvis's signature clever and oftentimes hilarious dialogue. I really liked Cooper. Smart, sexy, and protective, I felt like he put with a lot when dealing with Breanne. She's pretty much afraid of everything and he kept saving her. She was a little neurotic for my tastes but again, the love scenes were hot, so it was worth it. I think fans of Shalvis will enjoy this peek into some of her early writing. Readers new to Shalvis should probably start with something more recent like her Lucky Harbor series.