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Fool Moon - Jim Butcher In this second installment to The Dresden Files, Harry finds himself in yet another sticky situation. When a slew of murders occur on the full moon with paw prints found next to the mutilated bodies, Harry is hired by the police to help find the killer before the next full moon and killing spree. The investigation leads him down an unexpected path and Harry finds himself caught between the law, the mob, and more than one pack of supernatural creatures that want him dead.This time, Harry finds himself tangled up with werewolves in a complicated plot that has him playing both sides. Harry is the same as ever – sarcastic and just trying to pay the bills. He’s also got this pesky sense of honor that gets him into a lot of trouble. Sometimes I feel like he plays the part of the martyr a bit much and he has enough angst for most of Chicago. At one point, Murphy calls him on his hero complex, which is priceless. But I like that Harry tries to do the right thing, even though it’s not always the smart thing. The werewolf plot was interesting but there were too many different kinds of werewolves to keep track of. They all kind of blended together at one point. And is it just me or is the idea that a person can turn into a werewolf with the aid of a belt somewhat unromantic? I was glad to see that Murphy was back on the case. She’s tough as nails and I love her. She and Harry have a complicated relationship that gets even more so in this book. Susan also makes an appearance and Marconi is never far when there’s trouble. We don’t see much of Bob in this one but I hope to see more of him in the next book. The action is non-stop and there’s a really bloody battle in the book. It’s clear that Butcher isn’t afraid to kill characters. The ending kept me on the edge of my seat as I waited to see who would live or die.I liked Fool Moon though not quite as much as Storm Front. It was still very enjoyable though and I am going to pick up the next book in the series. James Marsters once again rocks my socks as the narrator. He’s become Harry Dresden to me and I can’t imagine anyone someone else reading it. Another entertaining installment in the series and looking forward to the next.