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Birthday Gift (Turner, #1.5) - Courtney Milan Available for free on Milan's website: http://www.courtneymilan.com/turner/birt...This is a very short story/scene between Richard Dalrymple and Smite Turner when they are boys at Eton. The conversation that occurs is one that will affect the both of them for years to come. It deals with the falling out the two once good friends had and the reasons for it. While it's very short, I liked this glimpse into their pasts. Richard, who's always been a bit of an ass, is still an ass but you feel a little sorry for him. Smite actually comes off a little worse in this as he seems somewhat uncaring and ruthless, though he has his reasons. Set before Unveiled but should be read after. A nice little read for fans of the series and something to tide you over while you wait for Milan's next book. :)