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Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1) - Lisa Kleypas I’ve been on a big Lisa Kleypas kick lately and am a self-professed fangirl. While I was disappointed in this on, I still had a hard time putting it down. The book starts off with an promising premise. A woman is found half drowned in the river by a Bow Street runner. She turns out to be Vivien Duvall, infamous courtesan, who has no memory of her previous life. Her rescuer, Grant Morgan, remember Vivien as a conceited, scornful woman who once spurned him. He vows to protect her even though his last memory of her isn’t a pleasant one and sets out to find the person who is trying to kill her and untangle the truth of her past.Normally I love how Lisa Kleypas writes people. One of the great things about a Lisa Kleypas novel is how emotionally involved I become in the story and I’ve fallen in love with more than one of her characters. Unfortunately, I never connected with Grant or Vivien and I actually didn’t like Grant for a large chunk of the book. He saves Vivien and takes care of her quite lovingly. However, while he’s doing this, he’s also plotting to seduce her as some sort of revenge for a past argument. He takes advantage of her amnesia to press a physical relationship when he should be protecting her. Even as his feelings change towards Vivien, Grant insists on lying to her about their previous relationship in the hopes of seducing her.Vivien herself was sweet if somewhat bland, having no memory of her previous life for most of the book. I just didn’t feel very attached to either of them. The relationship and the characters in this one just didn’t quite mesh for me and I saw one of the major plot twists coming from a mile away. The book does get better as the story progresses. We learn more about Grant and he loses some of his bitterness. It’s also obvious that he truly cares for Vivien by the end and they share some very sweet moments. So while this isn’t my favorite Lisa Kleypas novel, I still a fan and am will give the rest of the series a try.