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Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas This is my first Lisa Kleypas novel. She’s a big name in historical romance but it’s not a genre I’ve delved into very much yet (preferring the more paranormal stuff). But I picked up the second book in the Hathaway series last weekend at a used book store for $1. Since I hate reading things out of order I knew I had to track down the first book before going any further. Luckily my local library had a copy of Mine Till Midnight on hand and I was able to jump into this one right away.Mine Till Midnight is a story about the Hathaway family - a close knit and somewhat unconventional (for their time at least) family. There are four sisters - Amelia, Win, Poppy and Beatrix with the eldest being their brother Leo. Also part of the family is Merripen, a Gypsy who came to the family has a child. Merripen holds an odd place in the family as he’s not quite a brother but he’s not really a servant either. With both parents deceased, it’s up to Amelia and Leo to take care of the family. Unfortunately Leo is on a destructive downward spiral after losing his fiancee to fever several months before.I have to say, wow. I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. I loved the historical aspect of the story. There was just enough of it to create a believable setting but not so much that I was bogged down by language or too much historical background. Sexy love scenes, witty dialogue, and an emotional love story made this a book I did not want to put down.I loved the hero of the story, Cam Rohan. Being a half-blood, he’s never really fit in anywhere. Not with his Gypsy family or with the the proper English society where he currently finds himself. He’s smart and forceful and confident in his ability to do anything, be it run a gambling club, find a missing person or get the woman he loves to marry him. I love that he’s undaunted by Amelia’s stubbornness and pursues her despite her reluctance. He’s a bit wild, his Gypsy half doing its best to uproot his Irish half.Amelia is the backbone of her family, holding it all together when times get tough. I admire her strength and determination. Not many woman of that era would just walk into a gambling house or brothel but she’s ready to do whatever she has to in order to get the job done. She’s extremely loyal and loves her family beyond all reason. She also takes on way too much responsibility, refusing to ask for or accept any help in taking care of her family. She’s resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood in order to make sure that everyone else has a happy future. She’s also quite frustrating at times. She’s so stubborn and refuses for a long time to see what her own heart is telling her. Luckily Cam isn’t one to give up easily and his dogged pursuit of her is romantic and sweet. They also have fantastic chemistry and the love scenes were extremely sensual and sexy.I loved watching Cam and Amelia’s relationship develop from physical attraction into a true partnership filled with love, caring and understanding. Cam becomes the person that Amelia can depend on and be vulnerable with (even when she doesn’t want to). In Amelia, Cam finally finds the place where he belongs, his home, his place by her side. I found their story to be ridiculously sweet and romantic and made me want to squeee.And let’s not forget about Win and Merripen. The sexual tension is high with these two. Theirs seems like an impossible love but nothing is impossible in a romance book. I greatly look forward to reading their story. Thank you, Lisa Kleypas. You have officially made me a historical romance convert.