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Zombie in Love - Kelly DiPucchio, Scott Campbell Mortimer is a lonely zombie looking for love. He tries everything he can think of to impress the ladies - from a box of delicious worms, a diamond ring fresh from the grave and even offers up a heart (newly deceased), but nothing works. What’s a ghoul supposed to do? Mortimer decides puts a personal ad in the local paper in the hopes that the perfect girl will see it. But does Mortimer’s dream girl show up at Cupid’s Ball or is Mortimer doomed to stalk the earth alone? I LOVE Zombie in Love! My friends will all tell you that I have a thing for zombies. I’m not sure what it is but I find them to be endlessly fascinating and zombies seem to be having a renaissance right now with the popularity of The Walking Dead and books like Warm Bodies and Ashes. However, these are all made for and older audience, leaving kids out of the zombie fun (yes, zombies are fun). Luckily for your children (and me), Kelly DiPucchio had the brilliance to write a zombie love story perfect for children and adults alike.Zombie in Love is a sweet and funny love story full of quiet humor and visual gags and each page was a delight to read. The story is one that both children and adults will enjoy. Kids will undoubtedly like the gross factor of this book. There are plenty of hanging limbs, open wounds and protruding bones to giggle and poke fun at. There’s even a cute zombie dog and friendly worms to keep Mortimer company on his quest for love. Scott Campbell’s whimsical illustrations are the perfect compliment to DiPucchio’s story. I would be happy to read this aloud to a child and am, in fact, plotting to get a few copies as gifts for some recently born babies. This book is a great read for any child or zombie loving adult!