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Take Me Down (Erotic Me, #1) - Lauren Hawkeye It’s a hot, sweltering night and all Evie wants is a cold glass of water. Her house is overrun with friends and family in town for her younger sister’s wedding. She slips out of bed and quietly makes her way to the kitchen. Suddenly she’s not alone and she finds herself face to face with her old crush from years ago, Lucas. Evie had no idea he’d even been at the wedding but Lucas is still as handsome as ever. And what’s more, he seems to be looking at Evie with more than just friendship in his eyes. Lucas is her fantasy and suddenly it’s coming true. Wow - this is a short, steamy read that grabs you from the get go. I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I got was a well written, erotic short which left me wanting more. The story is told from Evie’s POV. She starts off as very insecure and unsure of herself. Even though she’s happy for her sister, she feels like she’s failed somehow because her younger sister is married before her. She also has a stuttering problem which comes out at times and makes her even more self-conscious. While the insecure Evie is surprised by Lucas’s interest, she doesn’t spend a long time analyzing it and instead, seizes the moment. Their encounter is sexy, sensual and very satisfying. I wish this story had been a little longer. I wanted to know more about Evie and what she does and where she’s been since that last time she saw Lucas. Since the story is told by Evie, we learn almost nothing about Lucas. He just shows up in the kitchen and give Evie and incredible ride. It would have been nice to learn more about him. There was definitely potential for a longer story with these characters and I wish they had been fleshed out a little more.All in all I really enjoyed this fun, steamy short from Lauren Hawkeye. I definitely want to read the other stories in this series at some point do hope the Hawkeye releases a full length book in the future.