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Play of Passion - Nalini Singh Ooh this was a really good one. Nine books in and this series still rocks! We have Indigo, dominant wolf female and one of the top lieutenants in the Snow Dancer pack. Circumstances have made Indigo wary of ever being involved with a male less dominant than her. Drew, the pack tracker, has never fit in with the pack hierarchy. While still a dominant male, his role has always necessitated being outside of the hierarchy. When he finally decides to go for the woman he wants, he finds himself facing down one of the biggest challenges of his life. Indigo is one of Snow Dancer's top lieutenants. She is smart, strong and can kick the ass of most of the males in the pack. She’s also terrified of giving up control in a relationship. She's reluctant to start anything with Drew, a younger wolf who doesn't fit her idea of her ideal mate. She's seen up close up how a relationship with a less dominant male can go very wrong. Since Drew doesn't fit into the standard hierarchy, her wolf is attracted to him but is unsure if a relationship with him can work. She's also also used to being in charge, which leaves her in the awkward position of wanting a more dominant partner but also reluctant to give up control. When Drew comes along with his plan of charm and conquer, Indigo is thrown for a loop. But what she wants and what she needs are two entirely different things and Drew is the perfect foil for the serious lieutenant. Drew is probably one of my favorite males in the Psy-Changeling series. I mean, he could charm the pants off of anyone. He had me grinning with his playful antics and the crazy stunts he pulls when Indigo gets mad at him. And even though he seems like he's all play, he also has an intense and serious side to him. He loves the pack and he will go to any lengths to protect it and those he loves. His laid back attitude complements Indigo's more reserved nature well. He makes her laugh and isn't threatened by her high rank. She challenges him and, even though she is more reserved in showing her affections, it's clear that she adores him. The last scene at the hospital squeezed really pulled my heart strings. To tell the truth, I am don't remember all that well what happens with the Psy Council in this one. I was too wrapped up in Drew and Indigo's story to take too much note of it. However, unrest is escalating within in the Council and in the Psy Net. Lines are being drawn among the Council members and sides will have to be chosen soon.I love you, Nalini Singh and I love this series, too. Next up is Hawke and Sienna's story, which I think everyone has been waiting for. Squeeee!