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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward I wanted to love this, I really did. Up until this book, I thought all of the Brotherhood books were really well laid out and had a good mix of action and romance. In this book, I felt that there were too many other stories going on (John Matthew, Phury) that V and Jane didn't really get the time that they deserved. Because of that, we didn't get to see enough of how their relationship developed or what they see in each other past the sex. I wanted them to spend more time together and maybe a bit more drama in their relationship. He fell for her pretty quickly and I found it hard to believe that he would do so just because of a vision he had of her. Ward also does away with V's feelings for Butch pretty quickly. I would have liked to hear more about that attraction and V coming to terms with the fact that some of those feelings might have been because he hadn't cared about anyone like that before. It just seemed like a big part of V and I would have liked Ward to have given it more attention. The resolution to Jane's predicament is also a bit too easy to me. It just doesn't seem to fit in with the mythology of the book. We haven't seen any ghosts up until now and it just seemed strange that one would suddenly appear and be a main character at that. I just wish Ward had given us some warnings in the other books that ghosts existed and were a part of the world before asking us to believe that this is plausible. I only gave it 3 stars only because the others were so much better in comparison. I still liked it and I like V a lot. I also thought it was pretty cool that Jane was a surgeon, though her career ended pretty abruptly. And how is she going to be the Brotherhood surgeon if she has to concentrate on staying solid while operating? Overall not my favorite BDB book but still a fan of the series and will read the others. :)