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Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard Another fun Linda Howard read. This one is part of the John Medina series, which I didn't realize until later. It doesn't have much to do with him except that it's set in the same world of CIA espionage at the other books in the series. The general story was intriguing - a rogue spy out to get revenge for the deaths of her friends. Lily was competent and interesting, if somewhat reckless in her trust. Lucas was fun and brash and I could see where the attraction was. There wasn't as much heat at some Linda Howard books but it was still plenty hot. I thought that the end was a bit rushed (the part after they complete the mission). I would have liked to have seen a bit more anger on Lily's part for his betrayal. She was way more understanding than any normal woman should be and a good fight was in order. I would have liked to see Lucas's turmoil over over his decision instead of just a few paragraphs at the end where we learn that she's forgiven him and he's very sorry the whole thing. That part was a bit unsatisfying but otherwise it was an enjoyable read.