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Caught In The Act (Men to Rescue) - Lori Foster Mick’s been watching Del for a couple of weeks. He first spotted her in his old neighborhood and immediately developed a small obsession for the dreamy mystery writer. The day Mick decides to make his move, Del’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. During an attempted robbery, Mick gets shot saving Del’s life. As drawn to him as he is to her, Del offers to take Mick in while he recovers. However, things about the robbery don’t quite add up and Mick isn’t sure if he can trust Del so he keeps her close while trying to unravel the mystery.Caught In The Act is a light, fun romance with a little bit of mystery thrown in. Foster can be a bit hit and miss for me. I like some of her books a lot and other are just OK. I didn’t like this one as much of some of her other book. It was somewhat predictable but I still enjoyed it - good for a quick read. Caught In The Act is actually a part of a series, which I didn’t realize when I picked it up. I don't think you need to read the series in order though, as I was able to follow along perfectly fine.This is definitely a case of love at first sight romance. Mick’s absolutely enthralled by Del and she seem to share the same attraction. Usually in romances (especially novella length ones), the falling in love is fast and hard. And normally I can suspend disbelief and go with story. However, in this case, the fast fall was a little too fast for me. Mick and Del barely know each other and he’s already moving in. Maybe it’s a bit of gratitude on her part and obsession on his but I wish they would have developed the relationship a little more.Mick’s your typical romance lead - big, handsome and aggressive. He makes no qualms about telling Del exactly how he feels about her and is sweet and protective. His cop instincts get the better of him though and he makes a big blunder with Del. Even though I could see it coming, I wanted to smack him upside the head when it happens. Though I didn’t love Del, I did like her and find her to be a unique character. She’s a bit of an odd bird - a mystery writer with her head in the clouds and, while I couldn’t relate to her, I liked that she wasn’t your stereotypical romance heroine.Mick’s two friends, Zack and Josh, provided some comic relief. Their scenes with Mick had a real feeling of camaraderie and their conversations were pretty funny. I would love to read more about both of them. Good thing they each have a book of their own.This book wasn’t anything new or groundbreaking but it’s a quick and entertaining read with some good moments. I am picking up Josh’s book after this. :)