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The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown 3 1/2 stars Audiobook versionThis is a story of 3 sisters who find themselves in the same house again after their mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. They are all named after Shakespeare heroines and the book is littered with quotes from The Bard, often quoted by their father and themselves. I liked that this books seemed to be an honest portrayal of the complexities of a sibling relationship. The sisters are not best friends nor do they hate each other. What goes on is much more complex. I was happy to find that the characters, while nowhere close to perfect, were not irredeemable. Often with stories like this I find that I don't like the main characters or they come off as too pathetic. The sisters make mistakes and are human but are still likable. They also evolve as the story goes on, adapting as they learn about each other and themselves. The audiobook narrator was good as well, adding slight inflections and changes in tone when doing different characters but nothing so drastic that it takes you out of the book. It was a bit odd that the narrator kept referring to themselves as "we" but it was unclear on who the narrator was - one of the sisters, all of them? You get used to if fast but I still can't figure out the point of it.Overall an enjoyable read (listen).