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Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh This is probably one my favorite books in the series along with Slave to Sensation and Hostage to Pleasure. I love Mercy and Riley together. This book is different in the others in that Mercy and Riley are both Changelings. So far there hasn't been a story about two Changelings and it's interesting that they're from two very different packs/species - leopards and wolves. I really like Mercy. She's touch but still feminine and isn't afraid to speak her mind. And Riley is super hot - intense and aggressive but also very protective and playful in the right circumstance. It's a test of wills between two strong individuals, neither wanting to submit to the other. But each of them learns to give and take in the relationship and they make such a good pair. There's also some foreshadowing in regards to Hawke and Sienna. I really wish their book was the next book because the bits in this book are so good.