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Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh This wasn't my favorite Psy-Changeling book but it was still an enjoyable read. I liked the original concept - that Clay and Talin knew each other from childhood but had been separated by an act of violence. He thinks she's dead but then finds her again 20 years later. I didn't love Talin. She had a troubled past but she dealt with it in an annoying. I've always liked Clay as well. He blames himself a lot in this book for things that were out of his control. Both he and Talin have to get over their hangups and stop blaming themselves in order to be together. The mystery in this one was quite good. The question of where these missing kids are and what is being done to them opens up a lot and the history of The Forgotten is revealed. There are more upheavals in the Psy Council as well. It was cool to finally see a human as part of the series and see where they fell into the scheme of things. I have a feeling there will be more humans playing larger roles in the series after this. Book also sets up of back story for the next book. Dorian's one of my favorite characters.