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Succubus Shadows - Richelle Mead What can I say except that this book is awesome? Georgina is captured by some pretty pissed off dream beings in the beginning and is forced to live through "dreams" of her past, future and everything in between. We see her fears and desires through these dreams. So glad that we finally find out who was in the happy dream and that it's SETH. And of course he can find her soul in the other realm - he'd know it anywhere. And Mead isn't afraid of messy, as we can see by what happens with the whole Maddie/Seth Georgina triangle. While I feel for Maddie, I can't help but hope that there's a happily ever after in store for Seth and G. The answer lies in the mysterious second contract. But whose contract is it? My friend believes that it's Kyriaknos' (aka Seth's) and I think she may be right. How am I going to wait until September for the next book? Sigh.