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Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick I was so excited for this book to be released. I devoured Hush Hush in one late evening last Christmas and was eagerly awaiting the sequel. I would probably give it 2 1/2 stars if goodreads did half stars. Unfortunately Crescendo ended up falling a bit flat for me. The story was disjointed and a bit all over the place. There was just too much going on - too many people involved and subplots that I had a hard time keeping track of it all. I had problems with Norah. She seemed so much more put together and herself in the first book. In this one, she is super emotional and irrational. She tells Patch she loves him and asks him never to leave her after 2 months together. I am not saying a 16 year old can't feel love but she goes a bit overboard and starts to remind me of a certain vampire girlfriend (cough-Bella-cough). She tells herself that she doesn't want her emotions for Patch to run her life but then repeatedly goes out with creepy, and possibly homicidal Scott, in order to make him jealous. The Nora in the first book was replaced by an emotional teenage wreck. I can understand some of this, given all that's happened to her in the past few months, but it got to be a bit much and got annoying fast.The Patch that I love also seems to disappear in this book. I am not sure why he refused to tell her about Marcie from the beginning. Is it worse to tell your girlfriend that you have been reassigned as a guardian angel or to go around pretending to date a girl she's been enemies with since childhood? When she asks you if you're The Black Hand? Say "No, I'm not." Give up some info, Patch, and you'd save everyone a lot of trouble. Also, if you think your best friend is trying to kill your girlfriend, don't set him up with her best friend. Not a good idea. Scott could have been interesting but his character kind of fizzled out after the creepy dinner scene. I was also quite annoyed that Nora didn't just give him the ring when he came for it that night at the farm house. She didn't need it since she already had one. She could have also given it to him at Delphic when he comes looking for her. At that point, he seemed more scared than anything. He wanted the ring back and I think she could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she had just given it to him. Questions about the story: The meeting at the beginning of the book makes it sounds like Harrison and Frank have not seen each other in years, but don't Nora and Marcie go to the same school? Hank says he wants as little info about her as possible, but it seems like they live in the same town and that he's still carrying on his affair with Nora's mother. How can he not know about her? And why did it take Rixon so long to track her down if he'd gotten the info when he'd killed her dad? If Hank is The Black Hand, then that means that he was the one who told Scott to protect Nora's father the night he died. Does that mean he knew that they would be attacked and that Hank would be vulnerable or was it just a precaution or a test for Scott? It also seemed mighty convenient that Nora is related to both Chauncey and Hank, but maybe this has more meaning in the next book. While I was disappointed in this book, I will read the third book. There's a lot of potential for this story and these characters and I hope that the next book is able to avoid some of the pitfalls of this one and get back to the feel of the first book.