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The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1) - Rick Riordan I enjoyed Riordan's Percy Jackson series quite a bit and was hoping that this series would have similar appeal. Unfortunately, even though the premise is promising, there's just something about the book that is lacking. I listened to the audio book version and two separate narrators voiced Sadie and Carter's chapters. The device of having two points of views in the book worked and the readers were enjoyable. However, the book is just way too long and the story starts to get repetitive. They pretty much get into a battle, get some rest, find some info, get into another battle, get some rest and so on. The battles felt drawn out and started to get boring fast. There were also a lot of Egyptian history which was very interesting (obviously a lot of research was done) but at times it felt like it was just a history lesson. It also felt like a lot of it was just setting up for a sequel which I didn't like. So while the story was enjoyable at times, I didn't feel the connection to the characters that I've felt in his other books. It made me care less about the story and more about just finishing the darn thing. I probably won't be picking up the sequel.