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Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews Real review coming but I just wanted to say OMG I love this series! In the past 4 days I think I have blown through four books. And while the last book, Magic Strikes, was pretty awesome - Magic Bleeds is even better.Things hit a crescendo in Bleeds with all out war between a person from Kate's past, the repercussions of which are felt by all. We learn more about Kate's past and what her motivations are. Kate and Curran's relationship gets even hotter and impossibly more complicated. And there maybe be a fight or two. :) I love everything about this series and am only sad that I only have one book left to read. At least the next book is coming out in July so I won't have to wait for too long for my next Kate Daniels fix. If you haven't read this series, you really must. Do yourself a favor though and start on a weekend so you have ample time to read the series all the way through, because you'll want to.