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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout I was going through a reading slump a little while ago. Everything was unexciting and just meh. What’s a girl to do when faced with reading ennui? Call Daemon Black, of course. Like a lot of people, I fell hard for Daemon, the cocky, infuriating alien next door from Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series. While I don’t necessarily condone Daemon’s behavior in real life, he does have his own special brand of charm that comes out even when you want to kick him.Onyx begins right where Obsidian left off. After a harrowing night fighting off the evil Arum, Katie and Daemon are connected more than ever. This means that Daemon needs to keep a close eye (and body) on Katie while she tries not to kill him. There’s also a cute new boy in town that starts spending a lot of time with Katy, much to Daemon’s displeasure. Throw in some evil aliens, a possible conspiracy by the Department of Defense, and you have a book that I didn’t want to put down.I loved jumping back into this world. Katy and Daemon still have the same sizzling chemistry. I really enjoyed their banter and how they seem to drive each other crazy. I have to say though that I found Katy to be very annoying in this book. Daemon has finally admitted his feelings for Katie and wants to be with her. But Katie keeps pushing him away, insisting that his attraction to her is only due to their alien connection. While I understand her reticence at first (Daemon was a total douchebag to her in the last book), I don’t know why she can’t believe that he really likes her now, after all they’ve been through. They were clearly attracted to each other in Obsidian before the alien connection was established, and I am not sure she is so doubtful of the attraction now.Katy also makes some really bad decisions in Onyx. I am not sure where the smart, sarcastic Katy went but she seemed to be absent for a good portion of this book. In her place was someone who was very wishy-washy and insecure. She later admits that she made terrible choices, so I’ll give her that. I am hoping that the old Katy I love comes back for the next book.Daemon is, well, Daemon. He’s still arrogant and ready with a quick comeback for everything. He knows exactly how to push all of Katy’s buttons. Attitude aside, we get to see a different side of Daemon in Onyx. In his quest to win Katy, Daemon shows his sweeter, more sensitive side. He’s still cocky and a jerk at times, but I felt like he was much more sincere than he was in the past. And when Daemon Black wants to turn on the charm, he really turns it on. Katy must be made of some tough stuff because most women would melt under his romantic assault.Though I had a few issues with Onyx, I am still big fan of this highly addictive series. With plenty of intrigue, action, and crackling chemistry, the Lux series is a must read!