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A Compromised Lady (Harlequin Historical) - Elizabeth Rolls Thea has been hiding from society for the last 8 years after the death of her fiancee under suspicious circumstances. Her father forces her back though in an attempt to marry her off once and for all. Richard Blakenhurst remembers Thea from her coming out ball. The young, smiling girl from his youth does not resemble the withdrawn woman who comes back into town. With Richard's help, though, Thea slowly begins to come out of her shell again and realizes that she has feeling for Richard. But before she can move forward, she must confront her past. Unfortunately this book was so forgettable that I was halfway through it the second time before I realized I had read it before. The story was pretty meh. I liked Richard and Thea well enough but there just wasn't much spark or excitement between them or in the story in general. The majority of it is quite boring. The first book in this series about Richard's brother is much more interesting.