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Heaven, Texas - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Two unlikely characters fall in love in this so-so book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Gracie is your average "homely" woman who has little experience with men. Of course, when she meets the arrogant and beautiful Bobby Tom, she falls in love with him despite his chauvinistic ways. I was annoyed by the constant reminder that Gracie isn't beautiful and ill dressed until her makeover where she suddenly becomes pretty. I was also somewhat offended when Bobby Tom decides that he's doing Gracie a favor by offering to teach her the sexual arts since she's a virgin and shouldn't let just any ol' guy be her first. More unbelievable is that Gracie agrees to it. I am not sure if she believes his reasoning or if she's just so in love with him that she goes along with it. I did find it kind of satisfying at the end when he had to beg Gracie to stay. It took him awhile to figure it out but he finally admits to himself and her that he loves her. That's not to say that the book didn't have its moments. Phillips does know how to write a good love scene and her characters Bobby Tom and Gracie have good chemistry. It wasn't my favorite book but I did finish it in about 2 days so it was pretty compelling. I just wish the characters were a bit more well rounded.